Artist Rights Watch COUNTDOWN TO MODERNITY (11/23): Key Dates and Accomplishments for the Mechanical Licensing Collective Under the Music Modernization Act

As best we can tell from the outside looking in, this chart has the dates for key events in the critical path to launch for the Mechanical Licensing Collective as required by the Music Modernization Act.  We have called the chart the “Countdown to Modernity.” Recall that the Register of Copyrights gets to pick the entity […]

What’s the Agenda at @TheAgenda?

Google’s European charm offensive on “Article 13” has come to Canada in search of earned media.  They got it last night on a previously-credible news show called The Agenda in the “Struggling Artists and Copyright Rules” episode.  (For readers outside of Canada, the Agenda is one of the top news magazine television programs in Canada, […]

Preserving the Bond

France can be deceptively cold and really rather miserable in the late fall.  This can be particularly true of the French mountains and the Vosges Mountains are no exception.  They’re not particularly high mountains by comparison to Colorado, but they’re high enough to feel the altitude if you’re used to living at sea level.   […]