Artist Glossary of Industry Terms: Re-Recording Restrictions

If you’ve been following the Taylor Swift situation with her former label, you’ve probably seen the unsurprising news that Taylor plans to re-record some or all of her prior catalog.  This raises the issue of the customary “re-recording restriction” and “re-producing restriction” found in artist and producer agreements respectively. Re-recording restrictions are designed to give […]

Texas Bar Section Announces Nominations are Open for the Cindi Lazzari Artist Advocate Award — Artist Rights Watch

We’re pleased to help get out the word that nominations are open for the Cindi Lazzari Artist Advocate Award for “heroes and heroines” involved with artist advocacy in all Texas communities.  For Texas readers, there’s info below about how to nominate.  If you’re not in Texas you may want to look into whether your community […]

PledgeMusic Disclosures Would Bring Sunlight to Fans and Artists and @InsolvencyGovUK

There appears to be some unusual statements regarding the unusual PledgeMusic liquidation bankruptcy currently underway in the UK involving at least one of the Pledge companies, Limited. In a nutshell, Mr. Benji Rogers (who is very quick to haul out the implied, ostensible or actual invisibility cloak of working on a “voluntary basis”) has […]