Must Watch: Björn Ulvaeus Emerges as a Leader for Songwriters (@CISACNews)

You’ve probably heard of the “song economy” or what is sometimes called the “singles economy.” Here’s an anecdote to help explain what that means.

I asked a 15 year old to name her favorite artist and she did. I said what’s your favorite album by that artist? She named a single track. I asked if there was another track? She repeated the first track title. I said, oh you like that song.

Björn Ulvaeus was a member of ABBA and is currently President of CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers. He gives and extremely thoughtful and concise explanation of the current dire situation for songwriters that I commend to you. As Björn explains, songwriters have the same problems with streaming as do artists only more so. This is the guy we need on Capitol Hill–he might actually get something done.