Must Read from @schneidermaria: Thoughts on “Net Neutrality” From Down Here in the Coal Mine – Guest Post Maria Schneider

I figured it was time to dig into this phrase “net neutrality” and see what it’s all about. And sure enough, as I’ll explain below, this appears as just another typical Google scam where they systematically create mass hysteria that the little guy is going to somehow be hosed. I’m afraid to say, the public is being duped.

#NewMusic Weekend: Wild Child, Little Radar, Megafauna, The Preservation, White Dress

Thank God it’s over.   This week’s bands from Austin (the other 50 weeks of the year), selected by the ultimate arbiter of taste.  Via Semaphore Music. 1.  Wild Child (Austin) “Darling Divine” @wildchildsounds 2.  Little Radar (Austin) “Spitfire” @littleradar 3.  Megafauna (Austin) “Scratch the Latch” @megafaunaATX Vinyl release show at Mohawk 3/30 4.  The Preservation […]

#NewMusic Weekend: Body Language, Speedy Ortiz, EULA, Ava Luna, Tamaryn

This weeks staff picks from Semaphore Music (and the ultimate arbiter of taste!)  Digging Brooklyn in post-CMJ haze 1.  Body Language (Brooklyn) “Social Studies” @body__language 2.  Speedy Ortiz (Northampton) “Basketball” @killquilty 3.  EULA (Brooklyn) “Maurice Narcisse” @eulamusic 4.  Ava Luna (Brooklyn) “Wrenning Day” @avalunaband 5.  Tamaryn (San Francisco) “The Garden” @tamarynmusic