How the New Boss Duped the White House (Again) to Protect Intermediaries and Brand Sponsored Piracy

DEBBIE SLOAN This is an honest house. WOODWARD That’s why we’d like to see your husband.  BERNSTEIN                      Facing certain criminal charges that might be brought against some people that are innocent, we just feel that it would be… WOODWARD It’s really for his benefit.  DEBBIE SLOAN No, it’s not. WOODWARD No, it’s not. HUGH […]

Interesting Letter about USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab Brand Sponsored Piracy Study to Internet Advertising Bureau from Reps. Goodlatte and Schiff and Senators Hatch and Whitehouse

It’s always great when the government follows up on an important issue to artists.  Representatives Goodlatte and Schiff and Senators Hatch and Whitehouse sent this letter to Mr. Randall Rothenberg of the Internet Advertising Bureau that had this choice passage: We were pleased that your November 1, 2011 letter highlighted the IAB’s Network and Exchanges […]

How YouTube “Monetizes” Your Songs to Sell Illegal Goods

Monetize, monetize, monetize.  This is the constant mantra from YouTube to all copyright owners but especially to songwriters.  YouTube gives all kinds of assurances about how they can block songs, recordings and movies with their superduper “ContentID” and “Content Management System.”  While these proprietary Google technologies get all kinds of props in the no-nothing press, […]

The Fallacy of “Incremental Revenue” Part 1

When you have a hit record, everyone is your friend.  And they all have figured out how to use your hit record in a new and innovative way.  No matter how revolting the innovation, no matter how philistine the approach, the commoditizers (aka “special markets”) press ahead. And when it comes to compensation, no matter […]

Shocker: Ad Networks Profit from Piracy

Now here’s an interesting article in AdExchanger, a site apparently targeting the ad network trade.  (Lest we be accused of speaking of that which we do not have direct knowledge, it’s perhaps best to seek confirmation from a knowledgeable source.)  It is quite remarkable in the blitheness with which it acknowledges that big brands are […]