Update: Should there be a rating system for “red flag” knowledge: Are Five Million DMCA notices too many?

[3/31/13 Update by Editor Charlie:¬† We now know courtesy of Google’s DMCA Transparency Report that Google processes roughly 10,000,000 DMCA notices a month for search alone which Google acknowledges to be 97% accurate.¬† It also seems likely that the Google lobbyist had some idea or actually knew of this level of infringement in Google search […]

The Pirate Party’s Gary Hart Moment

I highly recommend Andrew Orlowski’s article about his encounter with the Pirate Party at In The City. If you have noticed a trend of conferences that used to be the domain of music fans becoming infiltrated by the anti-copyright crowd offering their special version of doublethink, you’re correct. But so far–no hard evidence that money […]

Return of the Hadopi

Excellent piece by Andrew Orlowski on the “Return of the Hadopi“, the innovative French “3 strikes” legislation that has been reworked (HADOPI is an acronym of “Haute Autorit√© pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des Droits”, a mouthful that roughly translated means the high authority for the distribution of works and the protection […]

The Audadicty of Truth: Great Orlowski Piece You Must Read

Andrew Orlowski–aka The Register’s Bill O’Reilly–has a wonderful piece about trafficking on the Internet, a must read: Failing Web 2.0 Stars Pray for Copyright Abolition Not to take anything away from the Orlowski piece, but I also highly recommend this article from Harpers about the bubble economy, if this doesn’t freak you out you’ve never […]