The Return of Orphan Works: Get smart with the 2008 Orphan Works Roundtable by the Small Business Administration

Google is–of course–very interested in orphan works.  They have a deep and abiding interest in the subject.  For example, current Twitter General Counsel, Google’s then-attorney, Berkman Center affiliate, Lessig acolyte, and all round digital sophisticate Alexander MacGilivrey made that clear in his testimony at the Copyright Office: “I would encourage the Copyright Office to consider not just the […]

The Copyright Principles Project: Selflessness, Valley Style Amongst A Dedicated Group of Likeminded People

We heard a new twist on the Copyright Principles Project–because the participants are academics, they are not “self interested” the way that creators are.  Ah, disinterested elites on a quest for truth that only the anointed can divine. Although this point of view is common to academics (who frequently seem to think that their views […]

"The (legal) music fades out for Canadians"

Interesting piece from Barrie McKenna, Washington correspondent for Canada’s Globe & Mail: “And the creative industries that produce music, software and the like – industries that contribute significantly more to the economy than BitTorrent sites – may also shun Canada if nothing is done. That hurts Canadians, and most people don’t even know it’s happening.”