I Say It Here: As Predicted, EFF and Durie Tangri to Defend Internet Archive To Keep the Massive Infringement Flowing

  According to Silicon Valley mouthpiece Torrentfreak, guess who is going to be defending the Internet Archive and the eponymous Mr. Kahle in their massive copyright infringement suit from publishers? The EFF has revealed it is teaming up with law firm Durie Tangri to defend the Internet Archive against a lawsuit targeting its Open Library. […]

French Court Rejects Google’s "Drink Me" Defenses

An excellent piece on the latest Google Books debacle in France: “Google argued that based on Article 5.2 of the Berne Convention, the American legal principle of ‘fair use’ should apply. The French court did not accept the argument, holding that the law applicable to complex crimes committed on the internet was that of the […]

Canadian, German and New Zealand Authors Oppose Google Book Settlement: The Smartest Guys in the Room Can’t Handle the Truth–AGAIN

In the latest round of Google’s “make me” litigation strategy, the biggest bully in the schoolyard is confronted by yet another group of angry authors opposed to Google’s wholesale landgrab of the works of civilization. The objection to the Google Books Settlement filed on 1/28 by Canadian authors (although not yet in the docket as […]

Conflict Search

I ran into an old friend of mine who was an old radio promotion executive and got to talking about how the business had changed. His old job essentially was to introduce fans to new music and somehow get them to buy. Mostly his job was staying one step ahead of the FCC on payola […]