Dan Clancy withdraws?

Rumor has it that Dan Clancy has withdrawn from speaking at the Frankfurt Book Fair next week. See “More Questions Than Answers on Google Books“: “Google’s Dan Clancy had patiently answered question after question regarding Google’s’ Book Search settlement with publishers and authors until late in the afternoon Friday, when he was finally left speechless […]

Sergey Brin, Monopsonist Book Enthusiast

If you’ve been following the Google Books settlement debacle, you know that there are some serious questions about what are probably inaccurately referred to as orphan works, but what are probably more accurately called “Google Orphans.” Google Orphans are a special class of works for which Google cannot locate the author (for whom Google has […]

Google Fouls Up Again: Google Book Search is a Disaster for Scholars AND Copyright Owners

Google’s Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars. Now that title caught my eye, not the least because it appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is extraordinarily honest and well written, with solid research and supporting evidence. We’ve become accustomed to librarians and academics uncritically fawning over the disaster that is Google Books […]

Google Books, Unclaimed Property and Google as State

Like the tar baby, the Google Books settlement agreement often raises more questions than it answers. Take something simple–unclaimed funds. Some of you may recall the shock and awe of Elliot Spitzer’s attack on the music industry–that is the attack on the music industry relating to royalties that were earned but unpaid due to a […]

Harkaway nails it: Google Books is the inverse of Gutenberg

UK author Nick Harkaway nails the fundamental fallacy of Google’s argument about the dissemination of information through Google Books: “Gutenberg’s invention led to a massive decentralisation of information, as the Church was no longer able to control what was written down and read. [Google Books] is actually the opposite: broad access to a single resource […]

Google blows it again: Which is more insulting? That they say it, or that they think we will believe it?

It would appear that Google is starting to crack under the pile of opposition coming from European authors–don’t you believe it. This is the typical condescending sneer from smarter-than-thou smarty pants Googlers. You can almost hear Lessig’s advice echoing in the nonproposal proposal. The Financial Times reports that “A spokesperson for Google on Monday said: […]

New Zealand Herald: Google Books is Cultural Imperialism

An excellent article on Google Books from the New Zealand Herald: “‘The deal is cultural imperialism on a par with the 1980s US flexing of military might over nuclear ship visits, says the Auckland branch secretary of the Society of Authors, Adrian Blackburn. ” … This monopolistic pre-emptive grab by a hugely wealthy US business […]