Lessig’s bad advice

As if the imploding Google Books wasn’t enough of an example of the damage a crackpot can do when backed by rich schoolboys with absolutely no real world experience, Professor Lyndon Larouche is being welcomed at Harvard with open arms (now that he’s done his best to destroy the entertainment industry, journalism as we know […]

Google Books, Unclaimed Property and Google as State

Like the tar baby, the Google Books settlement agreement often raises more questions than it answers. Take something simple–unclaimed funds. Some of you may recall the shock and awe of Elliot Spitzer’s attack on the music industry–that is the attack on the music industry relating to royalties that were earned but unpaid due to a […]

Google’s Bad Advice Reduxio Ad Absurdum: Germany and France to file opposition to Google Books Settlement

Today is the opt-out deadline for the Google Books settlement and the Leviathan of Moutain View has had a busy week for enemy-making. The Syndicat National de l’Edition, which is the French book publishers association, and the Federal Republic of Germany, both filed briefs opposing the settlement on similar grounds–it violates every copyright treaty known […]

New Zealand Herald: Google Books is Cultural Imperialism

An excellent article on Google Books from the New Zealand Herald: “‘The deal is cultural imperialism on a par with the 1980s US flexing of military might over nuclear ship visits, says the Auckland branch secretary of the Society of Authors, Adrian Blackburn. ” … This monopolistic pre-emptive grab by a hugely wealthy US business […]