YouTube’s Five Lies Redux: Here is a Sixth

Independent artists can *not* use Content ID via companies like Tunecore or Audiam: The vast majority of all recording artists today use commercially cleared and 100% legitimate, but non-exclusive samples from common keyboards, synthesizers, drum kits and commercial sample libraries such as Kontakt or BFD.

And that kind of cleared, legitimate content is a no-no for aggregators like Audiam.

How do I know that?

I asked all these companies (Audiam, Tunecore and CDBaby) about their policies on cleared samples – and they all have the same rules.

An Interview with Andrew Shaw of PRS for Music on Negotiating with Google, a guest post by Jonathan David Neal

[Editor Charlie sez: In honor of the new PRS-YouTube license in the UK, we’re reposting this harrowing first hand account of the first YouTube/PRS negotiation.  For PRS members, there’s a good chance that this post has more information about your deal than you’ll ever get anywhere else because your rates are–you know–confidential and stuff. This […]