Authors Stand Up Against Piracy

I heard a leading novelist asked where he got the ideas for his books. He said that he kept a journal and wrote down every detail of his life. He’d keep a very precise account of what he did every day and what he thought every day and then one day he began to lie. […]

EFF in a bunch again over Burning Man

Here’s the latest scary corporate bugaboo from the EFFluviati: Burning Man (creepy Eric Schmidt’s fav) has some terms of use that protect the integrity of its brand and give EFF yet another chance to alarm the masses about the evils of success–sorry–intellectual property rights. Check out the EFFluvia from the Deep Thoughts blog.

Must read article in the Atlantic

As more and more of the creative class start to wake up to the absolute corruption that is growing among the absolutely rich and powerful at Google, it is not surprising that authors foreshadow the apocolypse and the “final encyclopedia“, that creepy, geeky sci-fi cliff that Google is driving us all to jump over. Excellent […]

More bone in the head

So I heard yet another bonehead argument about “markets” etc. from the other side that went something like this: The reason why iTunes has been a financial success for the music industry is because they have a great product that is easy to use. This sounds good when you first hear it, right? However, it […]