More YouTube disclosures

Another excellent piece on CNET regarding the $1.79 billion YouTube/Google history that should be of interest to all the members in the class action as well as those who have yet to see a dime from Google for the past, present or future use of their work. (And for you Veoh fans out there, this […]

Must read article in the Atlantic

As more and more of the creative class start to wake up to the absolute corruption that is growing among the absolutely rich and powerful at Google, it is not surprising that authors foreshadow the apocolypse and the “final encyclopedia“, that creepy, geeky sci-fi cliff that Google is driving us all to jump over. Excellent […]

Cuban on Google

For those of you who remember my panel at SXSW last year (“Can Art Survive Google?”), you will also recall the discussion we had regarding YouTube’s obvious violation of the reproduction right. You’ll also remember the head scratching regarding how YouTube’s counsel could argue that they didn’t violate the reproduction right based on a theory […]

Marketwatch Gets It Right: Google’s Free Ride in the Press

I often say “[X] will happen the same day that the Wall Street Journal criticizes Google”…meaning never. I’m not the only one noticing. Excellent commentary from John Dvorak at Marketwatch on the subject entitled “Does Google have an Achilles’ heel? Tech giant and its weaknesses are sheltered by media.” I have heard for quite some […]