Google blows it again: Which is more insulting? That they say it, or that they think we will believe it?

It would appear that Google is starting to crack under the pile of opposition coming from European authors–don’t you believe it. This is the typical condescending sneer from smarter-than-thou smarty pants Googlers. You can almost hear Lessig’s advice echoing in the nonproposal proposal. The Financial Times reports that “A spokesperson for Google on Monday said: […]

Google’s Bad Advice Reduxio Ad Absurdum: Germany and France to file opposition to Google Books Settlement

Today is the opt-out deadline for the Google Books settlement and the Leviathan of Moutain View has had a busy week for enemy-making. The Syndicat National de l’Edition, which is the French book publishers association, and the Federal Republic of Germany, both filed briefs opposing the settlement on similar grounds–it violates every copyright treaty known […]

New Zealand Herald: Google Books is Cultural Imperialism

An excellent article on Google Books from the New Zealand Herald: “‘The deal is cultural imperialism on a par with the 1980s US flexing of military might over nuclear ship visits, says the Auckland branch secretary of the Society of Authors, Adrian Blackburn. ” … This monopolistic pre-emptive grab by a hugely wealthy US business […]

Google Books: Implications for Ex-US Rights Holders

In one of the best summaries I’ve seen on the implications of the Google Books settlement for ex-US rights holders, the New Zealand Society of Authors told its members: “Unless New Zealand authors or publishers formally opt out of the settlement, or formally opt in but request Google not to digitize and/or display their books, […]

William Morris Endeavor: Opt out of Google Books Settlement

Not surprisingly, the William Morris Endeavor talent agency has advised its clients–twice–to opt out of the Google Books settlement: “There is an important right that is relinquished under the terms of the Settlement that the Authors Guild does not adequately address. In addition to waiving their right to sue Google for infringement, they waive, again […]

Google is leaning on Congress for a new orphan works bill

According to a senior Google executive Google wants “a legislative solution that fixes the problems concerning orphan works is the best outcome for everyone with a stake in book digitization, and Google is leaning on Congress to get such a law passed.” Here we go again…. Remember all our overseas readers, the last time around […]