Superpowers In River City: Anti-Artist Activist Brewster Kahle’s Revealing “National Emergency Library,” the Faux Triumph of Privilege

[This post first appeared on ArtistRightsWatch] If you’ve ever seen the classic musical The Music Man, you will remember the stereotypical character of “Marian the Librarian” who was romanced by the grifter Harold Hill.  When it comes to the Internet Archive, we’re way past Marian but we have a whole new character in the role of […]

Why is there a Google Books? Part 1: Machine Translations and Customer X

The Author’s Guild has appealed the ridiculous Google Books decision imposed on the world’s authors courtesy of Google’s Silicon Valley hotshot lawyer Daralyn Durie (who is currently representing GoldieBlox against the Beastie Boys, and who appears to be evolving a subspecialty of attacking artists–even if it means unseating the Orrick firm in the rush to […]

“Google and the World Brain”

We have been no fans of the Google Books project, from its tortured use of sovereign immunity to take books out the back door of state libraries for commercial gain to the crappy deal for authors, to Google’s attack on the class representatives, to Lessig’s bizarre defense of the project (conveniently forgotten as it sank […]

Just so you know where you stand: Google attacks authors and photographers organizations in Google Books case

I read today that the Durie Tangri firm took time off from defending Rojadirecta to pursue a different case supporting the proposition that creators rights should be trampled at any convenient turn.  Daralyn Durie stood before Judge Dennis Chin for what seems to me to be a rather shabby proposition:  The Authors Guild and the American Society of […]

Google Books Transcript Excerpt

FYI U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New YorkOctober 7, 200910:00 a.m.Before: HON. DENNY CHIN, District Judge THE COURT: Of course we are not proceeding with a fairness hearing today. I really just wanted to see where we are and talk about scheduling.First of all, I guess we should confirm that the current […]

Germany to file amicus in Google Books Case

Looks like Google has a new opponent in their charm offensive: Germany. More specifically, Germany’s attorney general Brigitte Zypries. Zypries said that Germany is considering filing a friend of the court brief in the Google Books case in order to “[make] the court aware of certain legal aspects“. Now what might those legal aspects be? […]

Google to Germany: Drop Dead!

Not only have Google been run out of town by German authors, they’ve also been run out of town by German villagers. And a few other people according to (“Germany to Google: Erase Raw Street Level Images“ “Greece’s Data Protection Authority recently rejected Google’s bid to roam Greek streets with cameras mounted on vehicles, […]