The First Rule of Lawfare: Is Google’s Active Measures Campaign on Article 13 a Trial Run for Election Meddling by a US Non-State Actor?

Members of the European Parliament need to get a grip on these active measures campaigns before Google goes beyond “lobbying” on an issue vote and moves on to meddling in campaign outcomes in a few months when the European Parliament stands for election.

In a post-Cambridge Analytica world, we all know it’s a short step from undermining opposition on a particular issue to undermining the election of a particular candidate.  And Google is just as capable of meddling as any state actor if not more so.

Forty State Attorneys General File Amicus In Support of Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s Fight Against Google

MTP readers will recall that Google sued Mississippi’s populist Attorney General Jim Hood to stop Hood’s investigation into Google’s drug habits. More on this to come, but the short history of the case is that Hood served a request for documents on Google consisting of a series of questions about Google’s business practices in furtherance […]

What are they afraid of: Will Schmidt Take the 5th Again in @agjimhood’s Mississippi Investigation?

During Eric Schmidt’s Senate antitrust subcommittee hearing in 2011, a strange thing happened–Eric Schmidt refused to answer under oath on the advice of counsel when Senator John Cornyn–formerly of the Texas Supreme Court–asked questions about Google’s then-recent non-prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.  While he didn’t give the usual catechism of “taking the […]

Worshiping the Great God Scale: Google’s Four Great Lies as read to you by Kent Walker

[Update 1/21/14: According to a press release dated 1/16/14 and the ELI fundraising invitations, Kent Walker was keynoting at ELI.  According to a post dated 1/16/14 Kent Walker is not keynoting ELI, Robert Kyncl is keynoting.  Robert Kyncl is the head of content and business acquisitions at YouTube.  (Given that Tom Brokaw keynoted the event […]