Questions for Mr. Holder on Google Drugs

Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it. From “Long, Long Time” by Guy Forsyth. MTP readers will recall the infamous Google Drugs settlement.  Google was the subject of several sting operations over a multiyear period conducted by a variety of Federal criminal investigators as well as a federal […]

Google Drugs Update: City of Orlando Police Pension Fund v. Lawrence E Page, Sergey Brin, Eric E Schmidt, L. John Doerr, John L Hennessy, Ann Mather, Paul S Otellini, K. Ram Shriram, Shirley Tilghman and Google Inc

MTP readers will no doubt remember the “Google Drugs” case–where Google paid a fine to the US Government of $500,000,000 of the stockholders money to keep their senior executive team (at least) from being indicted for violating the Controlled Substances Act.  How did Google manage to do that?  By some pretty in depth collusion with […]