An Interview with Andrew Shaw of PRS for Music on Negotiating with Google, a guest post by Jonathan David Neal

[Editor Charlie sez: In honor of the new PRS-YouTube license in the UK, we’re reposting this harrowing first hand account of the first YouTube/PRS negotiation.  For PRS members, there’s a good chance that this post has more information about your deal than you’ll ever get anywhere else because your rates are–you know–confidential and stuff. This […]

Google’s Bad Advice Reduxio Ad Absurdum: Germany and France to file opposition to Google Books Settlement

Today is the opt-out deadline for the Google Books settlement and the Leviathan of Moutain View has had a busy week for enemy-making. The Syndicat National de l’Edition, which is the French book publishers association, and the Federal Republic of Germany, both filed briefs opposing the settlement on similar grounds–it violates every copyright treaty known […]

"I now pronounce you monetized"

I don’t know about you, but I know when I go to one of these trick weddings, I am usually thinking about the door right about the time I realize that somebody had a one-joke idea for their wedding. A one-joke idea is a skit or play that is over after you see the first […]