Professor Goldman Puts His Finger on the Problem With the CDA Safe Harbor for Sex Trafficking

The Senate Commerce Committee held hearings this week on amending the tech industry’s safe harbor in the Communications Decency Act that protects pimps and other human traffickers who use the Internet to facilitate child rape.  As became apparent in the hearing, the Internet Association (aka Google) is very much opposed to any change in its […]

Google Feels the Heat from Congress on Sex Trafficking–And Gaslights Public Opinion on @SenRobPortman’s and @RepAnnWagner’s Legislation

  I first called your attention to Dr. Robert Epstein in 2013.  Dr. Epstein’s work on Google’s power to throw elections by manipulating public opinion was startling to many, and I got the usual eye rolling about how mistrustful I was of Google.  (See “Democracy at Risk: Manipulating Search Rankings Can Shift Voting Preferences Substantially Without […]