The Education of Senator Wyden: Don’t break the artists…You can’t get away with the old RIAA Booga Booga Booga or that you’ll make it up on volume

Senator Ron Wyden revealed his well intentioned but startling lack of education about the dynamics of the opposition to the Internet Radio Fairness Act during his speech at the Future of Music Policy Summit yesterday, and it started with more of the same old whine: You’ll hear the record labels oppose this legislation, spend lots of […]

And You Will Know Them By the Trail of the Lobbyists: Google Shill Listers @eff Promoting IRFA, No Mention of Sherman Act or Court Packing

For those of you following the trail of lobbying money on the so-called Internet Radio Fairness Act, you will recall that the “Internet Radio Fairness Coalition” was formed earlier this summer (although only recently announced) to hype the bill. That coalition counts among its members the powerful Google-dominated lobbyists Computer and Communications Industry Association (funders […]

The Tide Has Risen: Five Simple Facts About the “Internet Radio Fairness Act”

Big Tech and Big Media have joined forces in the “Internet Radio Fairness Coalition” which includes Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Computer and Communications Industry Association (Google), Consumer Electronics Association (Google), Digital Media Association (Google) and…Pandora. So you see, the way this works is the group put Tim Westergren out with the long face and the sad […]

Betting the Company: The Internet Radio Fairness Act has little to do with the Internet, Radio or Fairness

An interesting exchange with a reporter about the Internet Radio Fairness Act:  He denied that IRFA created a new set of per se violations of the Sherman Act–the principal U.S. antitrust law–for sound recording owners who collectively engage in “impeding” the efforts of anyone (including Sirius XM and Clear Channel) who seek direct licenses with sound […]

Trickle Down Innovation Primer: Pandora Earnings and Insider Sales

Here’s some interesting numbers on Pandora: Ad Supported Service                                                        Subscription Service (Pandora One) 2012 Revenue                       $240 million                               $34.4 million Year/Year growth                 101%                                                87% % of total revenue                 87%                                                 13% Did your gross income grow 101% from last year? Or even 87% from last year? Trickle down innovation apologist Erik Kain writing in Forbes has a […]