Artist Rights are Human Rights

by Chris Castle December 10 is International Human Rights Day.  For a variety of reasons, today is a good day to think about the state of human rights in general, and for me, in the professional creative community in particular. The recent history of the protection of creator rights is a fascinating story. These discussions […]

Why we love Paul Williams

An excellent post on Huffing & Puffington by Paul Williams, ASCAP president and gifted songwriter. Here’s a key part: “A growing number of creative people — those talking from experience as songwriters or performing artists — are speaking up. They’re sharing legitimate perspectives on why taking content and ignoring copyright hurts those creating the music […]

Why We Love Lily Allen, Bono and Krist Novoselic

The best way to fight bullies is to fight bullies. We saw what happened to Lily Allen last year–both when she was savaged by the mob of digital natives after her extraordinarily brave statements opposing illegal file bartering in support of independent artists and songwriters–and when she got a standing ovation from the Featured Artists […]

Why We Love Lily Allen

British artist Lily Allen has an outstanding blog that tells it like it is about the Featured Artist Coalition–who are, in my view, a bunch of capitulators and appeasers who have virtually nothing new to say. “I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists […]