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MTP Podcast: Pallante Firing, DOJ Appeal of BMI 100% Licensing Ruling, and Artist Advocacy

November 18, 2016 Comments off

The MTP Podcast: David Lowery and Chris Castle Discuss Google’s Latest Assault on U.S. Copyright Office and the FCC’s End Run Around Private Contracts

September 10, 2016 Comments off


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Google-funded group mad that US Copyright Office hasn’t abolished copyright yet by Andrew Orlowski

100 Percent Licensing: U.S. Copyright Office Argues New Proposal Threatens Song Owners’ Rights by Ed Christman

Google Transparency Project:

Google White House Meetings



Public Knowledge: Captured: Systemic Bias at the Copyright Office


Google Shill List:



Gigi B. Sohn, former Clinton Appointee, Co-Founder Public Knowledge and current Counselor to Chairman Tom Wheeler, Federal Communications Commission



William Patry, Google lawyer and former policy advisor to the Copyright Office who is frequently cited by Copyright Office

Precursor Blog by Scott Cleland: Will the Federal Communications Congress Try to Unlock Copyright Licensing?

Statement of Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyright, on Orphan Works March 13, 2008.

2006 Report on Orphan Works (Jule Sigall) 


Watch this Space: MTP Podcast on 100% Licensing with Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley of Songwriters of North America, David Lowery, Chris Castle coming soon

August 12, 2016 Comments off

Next week we will continue discussion of the Department of Justice [sic] ruling on 100% licensing and partial withdrawals from the songwriter’s point of view.

Participants will be songwriters Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley of Songwriters of North America, David Lowery and Chris Castle.

Watch this space for links to the podcast when it is completed, probably August 17/18.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to the MTP Podcast on iTunes or on Stitcher.  More recent podcasts can also be found on SoundCloud.

For background, check out the MTP podcast with Steve Winogradsky, David Lowery and Chris Castle on the technical aspects of the DOJ’s decision.

The MTP Interview: David Lowery on artist rights

March 23, 2014 1 comment

A blast from the past:  My extended interview with David Lowery about the formation of his Trichordist blog, the “Letter to Emily”, and more.

Theme music by Guy Forsyth, “Where’d You Get the Music?”

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