An Answer for Mr. DeSantis: “Registration” and the Reformalization of Copyright Under the Copyright Principles Project, Part 1

A question came up regarding copyright registration at the May 16, 2013 House IP Subcommittee hearing featuring Professor Pamela Samuelson.  Professor Samuelson teaches at the University of California at Berkeley and also runs the Samuelson Glushko system of academic legal centers (the “Glushko” is Professor Samuelson’s husband, Dr. Robert Glushko, a Santa Clara Valley (aka […]

Google is leaning on Congress for a new orphan works bill

According to a senior Google executive Google wants “a legislative solution that fixes the problems concerning orphan works is the best outcome for everyone with a stake in book digitization, and Google is leaning on Congress to get such a law passed.” Here we go again…. Remember all our overseas readers, the last time around […]

Orphan Works According to Google

What is an “orphan work” according to Google? (Outside of the Google Books Settlement, of course, which gives Google an exclusive license to orphan works according to many commentators.) As Google’s General Counsel has said publicly: “These works include those for which the author or assignee of a work – the work’s “parent” – can […]

And your little dog, too: Orphan Works 2008 Recap

Remember that Public Knowledge was the prosecuter in chief and handmaiden to Google’s interests on orphan works, shoulder to shoulder with the Copyright Office. “• PK and its allies moved a copyright reform bill to the cusp of passage. The importance of this cannot be overstated. First, it is extremely hard to get any substantive […]

The Return of Orphan Works

It appears that orphan works legislation is about to return: “US Copyright Register Marybeth Peters told Intellectual Property Watch that orphan works legislation is expected to be introduced [the week of June 15th].” If the proposed legislation for a U.S. orphan works bill is anything like the legislation from the last session of Congress, it […]

The Importance of Registries

The Google Books case looks like it’s on its way to a settlement for a $125 million “payment”, $34.5 million of which it appears that Google is going to pay to itself to build a “registry”, and $45 million of which is a damages payment for the books that were infringed. I don’t have a […]

Pro Orphan Works Party

I have no idea if this is true, but it’s funny (Tom Richmond’s blog): “IN OTHER NEWS- Orphan Works advocates are supposedly planning their own party to promote the act. If you should attend this “Orphan Works Promotional Party”, be aware that you should at no time leave your drink or open beer on any […]

International Confederation Condemns U.S. Orphan Works Act

“FROM THE ILLUSTRATORS’ PARTNERSHIP International Confederation Condemns U.S. Orphan Works Act Last week,the International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic, and Photographic Arts (CIAGP) adopted the following resolution: “Resolved that the artists rights societies of 31 countries, members of CIAGP, under the aegis of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), hereby […]