Good News for Pandora

According to Saving Alpha, some good news for Pandora today: Pandora (P) reaches 200M users, up from 100M in July 2011, while over 140M members have used the online music-streaming service on a mobile device. Other stats that Pandora is proud of this morning include streaming 200M songs before 10 a.m. every day, and playing […]

Joe Kennedy Departs Pandora

Pandora’s CEO Joe Kennedy announced today that he’s leaving the company.  Lots of rumors about who will succeed him, but nothing definite. Joe’s taken some knocks lately (including here at MTP) as a result of the whole IRFA miscalculation–but that had better not be the reason that he’s leaving.  A CEO–particularly a public company CEO–has […]

Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy Tells Paul Resnikoff He Doesn’t Know How Much Money He Makes from Pandora

Must be nice to be able to forget your salary–Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News gets the scoop: So let’s help Joe refresh his recollection. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Joseph J. Kennedy, Pandora’s CEO, President and Board Chair Director) was recently granted Pandora stock options totaling 1.35 million shares at $10.63, or […]

Peace in the Valley: Pandora supports new rates

Pandora’s Tim Westergren writes: “For more than two years now I have been eagerly anticipating the day when I could finally write these words: the royalty crisis is over!” Good news all round, especially for independent artists and labels. The erudite David Oxenford has written an astonishingly concise summary of the deal.