Update: Should there be a rating system for “red flag” knowledge: Are Five Million DMCA notices too many?

[3/31/13 Update by Editor Charlie:  We now know courtesy of Google’s DMCA Transparency Report that Google processes roughly 10,000,000 DMCA notices a month for search alone which Google acknowledges to be 97% accurate.  It also seems likely that the Google lobbyist had some idea or actually knew of this level of infringement in Google search […]

A "silver lining for the Premier League"

Excellent treatment by our favorite IP blog, IPKat ,of the very complex copyright issues involved in the Premier League et al v. Google case: “The silver lining for the Premier League was however found in section 411(c). Under this section a foreign work containing sounds and/or images which was first recorded simultaneously with its live […]

It’s the content, stupid…

Here’s a makeover test for you…try watching a couple videos on Hulu and then watching a couple videos on YouTube. That is, try watching professional content then amateur content. Including amateur copies of professional content. The difference in production values is really quite remarkable. Hulu looks like something worth paying for and YouTube looks like…well, […]

The Importance of Registries

The Google Books case looks like it’s on its way to a settlement for a $125 million “payment”, $34.5 million of which it appears that Google is going to pay to itself to build a “registry”, and $45 million of which is a damages payment for the books that were infringed. I don’t have a […]

Cuban on Google

For those of you who remember my panel at SXSW last year (“Can Art Survive Google?”), you will also recall the discussion we had regarding YouTube’s obvious violation of the reproduction right. You’ll also remember the head scratching regarding how YouTube’s counsel could argue that they didn’t violate the reproduction right based on a theory […]