COVID19 Resources for Artists, Songwriters, Indie Labels


We will update this page from time to time as we become aware of resources. Last update 4/2/20.

SoundExchange Resource Page

SoundExchange posted a very complete resource page for creatives including a good explanation of the Paycheck Protection Program which is part of the CARE Act.


Good site that helps explain the various federal programs available to industry folk with large organizations listed.  Definitely a cut above.

CARE Act Funding

You’ve probably heard about federal money but may not know how to calculate what you will get or how to get it if you do qualify.  According to the Washington Post, you’ll need to know your filing status and “adjusted gross income” which is a defined term from your federal IRS 1040 tax return either 2018 or if you’ve filed, the 2019 return.  (It’s line 7 on the 2018 1040 and 8b on the 2019 1040).  The Washington Post has a helpful calculator for determining if you qualify for CARE Act payments (this is the legislation sometimes called the “stimulus” program that provides cash payments to individuals):

Calculate how much you’ll get from the $1,200 (or more) coronavirus checks

Small Business Administration Economic Disaster Loans

In addition to any monies available under the CARE Act, the Small Business Administration has funds available for small businesses including sole proprietorships.  This blog post discusses that program with links for information and to apply, and this FAQ may answer some of your questions.

You can get ready to apply for these loans in advance by creating an online profile and beginning to prepare the required documents on page 2 of this sheet: which also has instructions for how to apply online.

Resources from State Economic Development Offices

The Texas Governor’s Music Office has a great list of resources for artists, some of which apply to those outside the State of Texas.  TMO also has a list of grants and loans.  This list is updated frequently with updates posted on the Texas Music Office Twitter account @txmusicoffice.

Your state very likely has similar information pages if you live outside of Texas, please post in comments if you find something you think should be listed here.

Friends of Bill W

This is a list of online meetings and also has online resources.  AA has an app that may be helpful as well.

Ronnie Wood is recording readings from AA materials on his Facebook page.  Thank him for his service.

Individual Inspiration

Patrick Stewart Reading Sonnets

Dave Madden’s Isolation Congregation, Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings

Specialty Relief Funds

The Photographer Fund

GEMA Relief Fund for Songwriters

Help Musicians Fund

Resources from Artist Organizations

Artist Rights Alliance (formerly Content Creators Coalition) has an extensive list of resources.

CEPIC and CEPIC Executive Director Sylvie Fodor

Association of Illustrators follow them on Twitter

Lobbying Organizations

IMPALA COVID 19 Crisis Plan

MTP/MTS/ARW Bibliography of Policy Ideas

Feel free to borrow any of these ideas for your locale.

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