Five Lies In YouTube’s Spin on Content ID

An increasing number of artists are stepping forward to condemn YouTube’s sleazy business practices ranging from YouTube’s improbable royalty payments to Google’s legacy DMCA notice and shakedown business practices.  YouTube has struck back with the usual squid ink trying to obfuscate Google’s absurdly ineffective Content ID and Content Management System (“CMS”), most recently to the New York Times. […]

Goodlatte and Schiff and the Elephant in the Room

Winning the week:  This was a good week for independent artists thanks largely to the heroic efforts of Maria Schneider.  A majority of the members of the House of Representatives IP Subcommittee heard Google try to blame the victim and explain how their receipt of 200 million takedown notices a year was (A) consistent with […]

Read Key Background Materials

Return to blog: Kerry Muzzey’s Written Testimony to Senate Judiciary Kerry Muzzey’s Answers to Senators’ Questions for the Record, Senate Judiciary Emergency Powers of Register of Copyright Shane McAnally vs. ASCAP Final Award of Arbitration Panel Why Free Agency Matters: The Coming Changes in Artist Relations (1999) Wixen v. Pandora Answer by Pandora (Lyricfind) Tulsi […]

Call Congress to Support Copyright Office Legislation

I don’t often ask MTP readers for their vote, but I am asking you to call your member of Congress and ask them to support  bipartisan legislation introduced by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Ranking Member John Conyers, H.R. 1695, The Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act.  (The “Register of Copyrights” is the official title of […]