@GTP_Updates Demonstrates Google’s European Influence Campaign

@artistrights tweeted in reaction to the stalled Article 13 legislation in Europe “American multinational corporations impose their commercial imperialism over their vassal states. Not the Europe we love.” There probably has never been as revealing an insight into Google’s short, loathsome and treacherous lifespan as the Article 13 legislative process in the European Parliament.  It […]

The First Rule of Lawfare: Is Google’s Active Measures Campaign on Article 13 a Trial Run for Election Meddling by a US Non-State Actor?

Members of the European Parliament need to get a grip on these active measures campaigns before Google goes beyond “lobbying” on an issue vote and moves on to meddling in campaign outcomes in a few months when the European Parliament stands for election.

In a post-Cambridge Analytica world, we all know it’s a short step from undermining opposition on a particular issue to undermining the election of a particular candidate.  And Google is just as capable of meddling as any state actor if not more so.

@helienne Lindvall on MMA Safe Harbor

If you take away the right to sue for copyright infringement, the way the MMA proposes, it’s basically introducing a retrospective and perpetual safe harbour – this, as music creators in Europe are trying to get rid of safe harbour — helienne (@helienne) June 28, 2018 It must be said that Music Modernization Act safe […]