Multichannel Networks Begin to Come in from the Cold: An Interview with David Kokakis of Universal Music Publishing on Universal’s deals with Maker and Fullscreen

Universal Music Publishing recently signed agreements with Maker Studios and Fullscreen, two of the YouTube “multichannel networks”.  MTP readers will recall our being critical of the MCNs for being unlicensed and of YouTube for permitting these unlicensed networks on the YouTube system. Fortunately for all concerned–starting with songwriters–Universal has taken a leading role in getting […]

UPDATED: Looking to the East for The Review that Counts: Brit Photographers ask for Judicial Ruling on Legality of “Google Review’s” Star Chamber of One

MTP readers will remember Brad Holland’s excellent article documenting the struggle by artists against the “orphan works” legislation (“Orphan Works and the War on Artists“).  The British have their own version of that legislation pending in the Parliament, the “Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill” which has in it the hated Clause 68 among others that […]

10 Minutes for Creative Commons: After 10 Years, It Still Seems to Cost A Lot of Money for Google-Backed Creative Commons to Give Things Away for Free

[Editor Charlie sez: This post from 2012 is worth revisiting.] Creative Commons Corporation is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a 10 day celebration–Lessig declares 10 days of bread and circuses, panem et circenses for the Commoners.  So how are they doing? MTP readers will recall the rather extraordinary flaws in the Creative Commons Corporation “license” from mischaracterizing […]

Don’t be Moral: Why Does Google Consistently Deflect Questions of Machine Ethics?

“As robots become more autonomous, the notion of computer-controlled machines facing ethical decisions is moving out of the realm of science fiction and into the real world.” “Morals and the Machine,” The Economist I was invited to a small dinner recently with representatives of Google and Google-backed advocacy and lobbying groups.  This was probably a […]