How We Could Really “Thank the @goldenglobes”, @nbc, @tinafey123 and Amy Poehler: Should creator awards shows refuse ads from brands that sponsor piracy?

I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list Of society offenders who might well be underground, And who never would be missed — who never would be missed! From The Mikado, by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan The Golden Globes will kick off award season tonight, and I’ll be watching to see […]

What the FTC Should Know About Brand Sponsored Piracy and Google’s “Pinto Problem”

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words The Los Angeles Times published yesterday a story about the USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab first monthly report on brand sponsored piracy–the purchase by major brands of advertising inventory located on pirate websites.  This is one of the ways, for example, that Megavideo became such a megamoney enterprise.  Page 8 paragraph 18 of the Megavideo […]