Big Tech’s Latest Artist Relations Debacle: Mass Filings of NOIs to Avoid Paying Statutory Royalties (Part 2) — Music Tech Solutions

As noted in Part 1 of this post, Google, Amazon and others are filing what are reportedly “millions” of “address unknown” NOIs with the U.S. Copyright Office to avoid paying royalties on songs like “Fragile (Live” by Sting, even if they have licensed “Fragile” the album versions.  I fully expect that Pandora will eventually do […]

It gets you a meeting: How Google Music Failed to Deliver

Given Apple’s well-publicized announcement of its fully licensed cloud music service, the Google Music negotiation team must be under tremendous pressure to explain away their failure to close even one license.  The latest revision of the narrative as dutifully reported  is that Google offered the major labels (i.e., not the indies, independent artists or the songwriters) […]