A Teachable Moment: Google’s Insulting Reply to News Corp Tells the New Regime in Brussels What It Needs to Know

As MTP readers will recall, Google is locked in the proverbial death struggle with the European Commission over antitrust complaints of Google’s anticompetitive behavior.  Those complaints resulted in an antitrust investigation going back several years.  For Google, winning that investigation would look like palming off as real change some ice in winter changes to their business […]

Almunia Stops Monopolist YouTube’s Bullying of Indie Labels: YouTube were against it before they were for it

In a teachable moment for indies who took the YouTube hillbilly deal, news reports tells us that YouTube got a warning from embattled EU-Commissioner for Competition Joaquín Almunia.  Mr. Almunia is already the subject of harsh criticism by a huge number of consumer groups, business groups and Members of the European Parliament over his controversial […]