@andreworlowski: Nothing says freedom like getting away with it: Google quietly takes gag off Mississippi AG after wrecking ads probe

Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it. From Long Long Time, by Guy Forsyth Andrew Orlowski reports in The Register: Google has, without fanfare, dropped its legal action that muzzled an investigation into the ad giant’s conduct by the State of Mississippi. The state’s elected attorney general, Democrat […]

#howgooglegateworks: Will @senmikelee Investigate Washington Insider Beth Wilkinson for Her Role in the FTC’s Noninvestigation of Google?

One of the historical facts that may (or ought to) come up in Senator Mike Lee’s corruption investigation of Google and the Federal Trade Commission is the FTC’s hiring of Washington insider Beth Wilkinson. ┬áMs. Wilkinson was hired to oversee the FTC’s Google investigation on April 26, 2012, four months before the internal FTC report […]