Joshua, We Hardly Knew Ye: One of Google’s Friends at the FTC Departs–What Does it Mean for Spotify?

Re/Code reports that FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright is exiting the agency on August 24th: Joshua Wright, a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission who has been viewed by some as troublingly pro-Google, is leaving the agency. The FTC announced the news on Monday. When Wright was appointed in 2012, he faced criticism for his positions on Google, particularly this […]

Tweet This Way: Do Commissioner Wright’s Tweets Show the Extent of Google’s Agency Capture at FTC?

William Alden writing in Buzzfeed reports yet more evidence of agency capture by Google of the Federal Trade Commission–it’s indirect, but it’s not fooling anyone: Google’s allies in Washington have used plenty of subtle techniques to help the search giant advance its agenda. Now, one high-ranking official has employed the art of the subtweet. Joshua […]