Guest Post by @cagoldberglaw:  Scared as Hell: Section 230 Denies Access to Justice, Not Free Speech Protection

By Carrie A. Goldberg [We are honored to be able to post this article by one of the great lawyers of our time, Carrie Goldberg author of the new book Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs, and Trolls and victim rights lawyer extraordinaire.  Carrie is going after Grindr for putting a product into commerce with a design […]

@helienne Lindvall on MMA Safe Harbor

If you take away the right to sue for copyright infringement, the way the MMA proposes, it’s basically introducing a retrospective and perpetual safe harbour – this, as music creators in Europe are trying to get rid of safe harbour — helienne (@helienne) June 28, 2018 It must be said that Music Modernization Act safe […]