Universal Leads Royalty Deadbeat Facebook Out of the Cold With Precedent Setting Licensing Deal

This is what happens when you stick to your property rights–Bloomberg reports that Facebook, aka royalty deadbeat, has signed a multiyear licensing deal with Universal Music Group: Facebook Inc. signed a multiyear licensing deal that lets the social network carry songs and artists from the world’s biggest record label, Universal Music Group, across its platforms. […]

Under a Red Flag: The Other Side of Whack a Mole–will it be back to the future for MCNs?

Après moi, le déluge Attributed to King Louis XV of France Right after Google’s YouTube acquisition, Googler Zahava Levine appeared on a bar association panel in Los Angeles and sneered at the assembled entertainment lawyers that even though YouTube was using their clients’ works without permission, YouTube would continue to rely on the DMCA notice […]

Bringing Multichannel Networks in From the Cold: Universal’s Deal with Fullscreen and Maker Studios

We’ve all heard the various canards from the freehadis–you can’t compete with free (meaning you can’t compete with advertising-supported piracy), and as recently as yesterday in the Guardian, the explanation for piracy is that music and movie companies haven’t “updated their business model” (whatever in the world that means), so they deserve to be stolen […]