@helienne Lindvall on MMA Safe Harbor

If you take away the right to sue for copyright infringement, the way the MMA proposes, it’s basically introducing a retrospective and perpetual safe harbour – this, as music creators in Europe are trying to get rid of safe harbour — helienne (@helienne) June 28, 2018 It must be said that Music Modernization Act safe […]

Truth Will Out! @digitalmusicnws: Surprise! The ‘Music Modernization Act’ Prohibits Litigation Against Streaming Services [With New Even Safer Harbor Power Play] — Artist Rights Watch

[Editor Charlie sez: You’ve all probably gotten mass emails full of glittering generalities about the controversial Music Modernization Act that don’t tell you what the bill actually says. Well…you’ve been Sneekyfy-ed! More News from the Goolag on the latest government taking from the lobbyists to follow!]