Your Tax Dollars at Work Part 2: The Barter iTax

“File sharing” is a term that entered the popular vocabulary as a bit of double speak about 10 years ago to put a “feel good” spin on behavior that was unauthorized at best. As one ISP executive succinctly put it in an e-mail: “….‘piracy’ is a loaded term. Could we say ‘sharing’ – ‘piracy’ implies […]

Your Tax Dollars At Work: The Boston University IT Network, where Elites Meet to Trade God Knows What

I ran across an excellent piece by Tom Sydnor (“Has Boston University Left Its Safe Harbor and Become Liable for Students’ Piracy?”) on the IP Central blog (which should be read regularly) discussing a recent ruling that Boston University apparently has shielded itself from legal liability according to a federal district court in Boston–by commiting […]

Soft Power and the Death of Free Culture

Appointments in the Obama Administration make it clearer every day that the President-Elect fully understands the fundamental economic principle taught in every freshman econ class around the world—there is no such thing as “free” culture. President Elect Obama also is an unambiguous supporter of the doctrine of “smart power” as articulated by the Report of […]