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The Silence of the Freetards: The Pirate Bay’s neo-Nazi sugar daddy

February 27, 2009 Comments off

Some of you may remember that summer day in what seems like eons ago that Rick Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party was the toast of the Googleplex as “political donations in Sweden are not requlated and anonymous donations are the default for donations to the Pirate Party.” So within yards of the home of Larry the Pure, and under the watchful eye of the Googleplex, the masses were encouraged to press wads of cash into the hand of Mr. Falkvinge.


So the reportage at the Pirate Bay trial seems to be leaving out some interesting color commentary regarding the Fourth Pirate, one Mr. Lindstrum who is highlighted by Andrew Orlowski at the Register.

A Bounty for the Wrong Tail: Not all information wants to be free

February 19, 2009 Comments off

Good article in Slate on the new free: Notwithstanding Chris Anderson’s earthshattering discovery of the 30 second MBA (buy low, sell high), a decent article on the new, new profit in Slate, and an even better review of same by Adam Thierer at Tech Lib Front.

I love that “pay wall” term. I think I’ll use that the next time I get some gas, come out from behind that pay wall you capitalist swine….unhand that quart of milk, can’t you see it wants to be free from your pay wall?

There really is no such thing as a free culture.

Paid really is the new free.

Gerry Niewood and Coleman Mellett RIP

February 15, 2009 Comments off

We lost two more of the A&M family in the Buffalo airplane crash, Gerry Niewood and Coleman Mellett. Both musicians played with Chuck Mangione in the day, and Gerry had several solo titles on A&M and the A&M/Horizon jazz imprint. Both players were on their way to perform with Chuck at a show in Buffalo.

There is a nice tribute to the two men by Jeff Spevak in the Rochester paper

“And the road goes on forever…”

Midnight Rider, by Greg Allman

Malaise is back

February 12, 2009 Comments off

Vin Cerf counts his Google options but would do it differently next time….

February 10, 2009 Comments off

Yet another critique of Free Culture

February 9, 2009 Comments off

An excellent critical review of Free Culture by Professor Lawrence Solum (click “Download” and then pick one of the three download sites, I chose Stanford, of course).

"Quantitative Easing" Explained

February 7, 2009 Comments off

An excellent piece at the Financial Times on “quantitative easing” or what we used to call “printing money”. “Quantitative easing” just sounds so much better, doesn’t it? Almost like a yoga position. Downward dog…quantitative easing…all kind of peaceful.

“Quantitative easing” is what happens when supply in the bond market crowds out demand or what if they gave a bond offering and nobody came. Well, maybe not nobody, but few enough buyers to cause a “failed auction” (see “Bond scare as German auction fails“). The Federal Reserve then would buy the treasury bonds that couldn’t be sold. If you think that this describes the government buying from itself….

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