News from the Goolag: Adserving company liable for ads to pirate websites

In a triumph of common sense, Triton Media LLC was found liable for contributory copyright infringement and inducement of copyright infringement “by operating and providing material assistance such as advertising consulting and referrals” to drive traffic to pirate websites. Funny, that sounds just like Google Adsense. Consent judgment in Warner Bros. v Triton Media

A Very Serious Topic

It is Good to be KingI thought I’d take a look at a paper by a Canadian academic on the subject of digital rights management, or what some in the professoriate call “digital locks”. (I still can’t quite shake the image of a virtual dominatrix instructing “show me your digital locks, geek boy”, so I […]

Interview with Songwriters Guild of America President Rick Carnes on Choruss, the Songwriters Association of Canada and Global Licensing

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Rick Carnes, President of the Songwriter’s Guild of America. The full length interview runs in Music Tech Policy Monthly. MTP: In the news this week, Jim Griffin is quoted as acknowledging he underestimated the complexity of his Choruss plan which he largely blames on there being […]

Say goodnight, Choruss

It will come as absolutely no surprise to MTP readers that Choruss is no more. Why? Inexplicably, because its founder says he underestimated the complexity of changing everything about the way the world’s artists and songwriters choose to be compensated. Also apparently underestimated the complexity of file identification for the world’s music. And who is […]