Pandora Groupthink. (look it up)

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(All links are to articles preceding this one.) Several of my former workmates at Pandora seem to be drinking the Kool Aid. I’m seeing posts claiming that David Lowery and Pink Floyd are talking ‘trash’.  Yes, I worked at Pandora. You can read all about that here. I also play in…

Pandora Responds to Lowery with Another Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

According to Venture Beat, Pandora has responded to David Lowery’s highly factual post about his share of songwriter earnings from “Low” with this statement: “Mr. Lowery’s calculations grossly understate Pandora’s payments to songwriters. In truth, Pandora paid many times more in songwriter royalties to play the song referenced in his article. The post also neglects […]

Trust, But Verify: If Pandora Really Wants to Negotiate, Here’s Five Things They Could Do To Start Regaining Trust

It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. Mark Twain No surprise here–press reports have surfaced that “Pandora, the web’s top radio service, has held preliminary discussions with groups representing music artists as well as indie and major labels about ending an increasingly aggressive feud over music royalties, multiple […]

My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!

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As a songwriter Pandora paid me $16.89* for 1,159,000 play of “Low” last quarter.  Less than I make from a single T-shirt sale.  Okay that’s a slight  exaggeration.  That’s only the premium multi-color long sleeve shirts and that’s only at venues that don’t take commission.  But still. Soon you will…

Update: Pandora Lobbyist’s Letter to Artists, Now with Even More Astroturf, Now with Even More Deviousness!

In case you missed it, Pandora has been sending out unsolicited emails to artists soliciting participation in a solicitation for artists to sign a lobbying letter supporting Pandora’s efforts to…support Pandora by cutting artist royalties.  No problem with that, but the lobbying letter was cleverly wrapped around–some might say disguised as–an indie artist promotion campaign […]

Rick Carnes, Eddie Schwartz and Fair Trade Music Project Speaks Out for Silenced Songwriters–Please sign the petition!

The Music Creators North America (spearheading the Fair Trade Music Project) took another step toward defending the rights of creators. In comments this week Eddie Schwartz of the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) and Rick Carnes of the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) discussed the alarming trend of the recent imprisonment of songwriters throughout the […]

The Kingdom of Google

Primogeniture.  Noun, the system of inheritance or succession by the firstborn, specifically the eldest son.  Origin: 1595, Medieval Latin primogenitura. Students of the Google capitalization table will know that the real control of the company results from what might be called the Google Voting Test.  If you are a Google insider, each of your votes […]

But Mommy, I’m Special! The Internet Society Wants to Punch Your Nose and Commoditize You Without Your Permission

“It’s really important that we protect the rights of really good looking people in this society,” Attorney Andrew Bridges of Fenwick & West (frequently representing Google) quoted at Beautiful Person Derek Khanna’s SXSW Panel _________________________________ This rather stunning bit of Googley sarcasm from the frequently-Googley litigator Mr. Bridges sums up the geek view of the […]