@northmusicgroup Calls Out The MLC’s Ability to Make “Law” Through Business Rules that Hurt Songwriters and Skew the Black Box to Benefit Majors — Artist Rights Watch–News for the Artist Rights Advocacy Community

In this comment to the Copyright Office, Abby North (independent publisher and Artist Rights Symposium III Moderator) calls on the Copyright Office to stop the MLC quango from unilaterally establishing “business rules” that hurt songwriters and their heirs and protect working families from these arbitrary actions of The MLC. @northmusicgroup Calls Out The MLC’s Ability to […]

It’s only Your Money: Taliban continue to crack down on Afghan women while US sends Taliban pallets of cash for “humanitarian aid”

“A large package containing around $40 million in cash for “humanitarian aid” was seen on an airport tarmac in Afghanistan, officials there said last week. The money was handed over to the Da Bank of Afghanistan, the Taliban-controlled central bank of Afghanistan, which is headquartered in Kabul. The bank tweeted several images of the cash.  One […]

Update: TikTok Banned by Three More States Along With WeChat, Huawei, Others

Georgia, Idaho and New Hampshire have banned TikTok on government devices. These states join Alabama, Florida, North Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Maryland. Georgia has also banned WeChat and Telegram (WeChat being a product from Spotify partner TenCent): Idaho just banned TikTok. And New Hampshire implemented a more extensive ban on […]