Spotify Gives “Corporate Royalty” a Whole New Meaning

Sometimes the big money executives at corporations are referred to pejoratively as “corporate royalty.” This is particularly true of those with “supervoting” stock that gives them absolute control over public corporations. The nauseating Daniel Ek caused Spotify to grant him supervoting stock according to public filings (that grant didn’t happen by itself).  Together with his […]

$20 Million a Month Daniel Ek Shows “Million a Month” Tim Westergren How It’s Done

Remember when we were all appalled that Pandora founder Tim Westergren was making $1,000,000 a month from selling Pandora stock while he was behind fighting songwriters in rate court for ASCAP and BMI royalties and stiffing artists with the Internet Radio Fairness Act and refusing to pay pre-72 artists?  And then there was the 13 bathroom house in Marin.  It was all a bit hard to stomach.

According to Jem Aswad in Variety, Daniel Ek is putting Westergren in the rear view mirror for sheer excess.