More EFFluvium—They All Moved Away From Me On the Bench

Well, it looks like that “confusing” opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in Grokster has some clarity for the Streamcast defendants and their defenders at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other EFFluviati. Streamcast is reportedly considering an appeal. Of course. It’s hard to know which is worse—the ignorant delusional or the guileful anarchist. But after […]

Ann Richards

“My favorite bumper sticker says ‘No child has a behind left’….” When I was growing up, we were taught to call women “ladies” and ladies were referred to as “Ma’am”. Ann Richards was a great daughter of Texas and was that unique kind of lady who only flourishes in the South. Thank you, ma’am, for […]

Why Not Sell mp3s?

In 2004, I asked an executive in a major label sales department what the dominant configuration was that fans used to listen to music. His reaction was predictable, which was why I phrased the question the way I did. The dominant configuration was the compact disc. I suggested to him that the dominant configuration that […]

Mr. Sven Goes to Stockholm

The crown herring of the Lessig smörgåsbord, Sweden’s Pirate Party (or “PP”), has published its manifesto (no, not this manifesto, they wrote their own, although there are striking similarities. Well…I think it’s fair to say they cribbed it from the droolings of Lessig the High Thunderer.) It’s worth skimming for the humor value if nothing else, the […]