Mr. Sven Goes to Stockholm

The crown herring of the Lessig smörgåsbord, Sweden’s Pirate Party (or “PP”), has published its manifesto (no, not this manifesto, they wrote their own, although there are striking similarities. Well…I think it’s fair to say they cribbed it from the droolings of Lessig the High Thunderer.)

It’s worth skimming for the humor value if nothing else, the PP manifesto actually sounds like it was written by Larry Love his bad self in places, and it would not surprise me if the Nutty Professor himself were ghosting the entire encounter. The PP manifesto is either an extraordinary example of political naivete, or the kind of brain rot that sets in when one makes a life of being “neutral”. If they can justify not blowing the SS to kingdom come, they can justify anything with enough aquavit.