Must Read: First Amicus Brief Opposing Google Books

The first of what may be many amicus briefs opposing the Google Books settlement is in motion (amicii must request permission of the presiding judge in order to be able to file their briefs–so interested counsel take note). Professor Grimmelmann discusses it on his blog which should be read regularly by those interested in opposing […]

Oro Ex Specialis

PC World reports that Google has filed documents in opposition to a new copyright law in New Zealand in which “Google notes that more than half (57%) of the takedown notices it has received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, were sent by business targeting competitors and over one third (37%) of notices […]

Special Olympics and the R-Word

I’m sure there must have been charity records before the Very Special Christmas series on A&M Records, but somehow I can’t remember any. In addition to being two of the greatest record men, Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss are two of the kindest and most generous people in our business, actually two great humanitarians of […]

The Irish Drink the Same Old Whine

In light of the same old whine from Irish ISPs who drank a little too much Lessig in the pub last night, you may be interested in a speech at Canadian Music Week by Serge Sasseville of Quebecor, a large Canadian ISP: “A Canadian telecommunications company does not answer only to its directors, shareholders and […]