"The (legal) music fades out for Canadians"

Interesting piece from Barrie McKenna, Washington correspondent for Canada’s Globe & Mail: “And the creative industries that produce music, software and the like – industries that contribute significantly more to the economy than BitTorrent sites – may also shun Canada if nothing is done. That hurts Canadians, and most people don’t even know it’s happening.”

PS: Choppy, Directionless and Strident

There are some books that I have seen frequently in book stores over the years that I know I will never read. Dianetics is one such book. I have no particular reason to read or not to read these books, but if I’m honest about it, I know that I’m not ever going to read […]

The Pirate Party’s Gary Hart Moment

I highly recommend Andrew Orlowski’s article about his encounter with the Pirate Party at In The City. If you have noticed a trend of conferences that used to be the domain of music fans becoming infiltrated by the anti-copyright crowd offering their special version of doublethink, you’re correct. But so far–no hard evidence that money […]

France protects creators with graduated response

It should come as no surprise that a country that calls Google Books “cultural rape” is the first country to pass a comprehensive graduated response regime, currently called HADOPI that we’ve been following for quite a while. HADOPI 2 which was opposed by a group led by the French Socialist Party was approved by Les […]


When I was a first year law student, I accompanied a crusty litigation partner to an interview with a client. In discussing my preparation for the interview in the car on the way to our meeting , I called the partner’s attention to a discrepancy I had found in our client’s statements and the documentary […]

Flaws in Berkman Center Study?

No one was surprised that the Berkman Center was appointed by the FCC to prepare a study supporting the radical views on regulating broadband usage, particularly given the much trumpeted influence of certain members of the anti-copyright crowd with basketball players at that agency. Neither should anyone be surprised that the Berkman Center study is […]

Google Books Transcript Excerpt

FYI U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New YorkOctober 7, 200910:00 a.m.Before: HON. DENNY CHIN, District Judge THE COURT: Of course we are not proceeding with a fairness hearing today. I really just wanted to see where we are and talk about scheduling.First of all, I guess we should confirm that the current […]

Bono appears at UK Conservative Party conference

Wow… Bono appears to encourage Tory commitment to international development. I think that it’s pretty clear that whoever wins, the Tories are leading and Bono may be hedging his bets. We can’t ignore the fact that U2 manager Paul McGuiness has been an outspoken advocate of ISP participation in filtering illegal content. Stay tuned…