"The (legal) music fades out for Canadians"

Interesting piece from Barrie McKenna, Washington correspondent for Canada’s Globe & Mail: “And the creative industries that produce music, software and the like – industries that contribute significantly more to the economy than BitTorrent sites – may also shun Canada if nothing is done. That hurts Canadians, and most people don’t even know it’s happening.”

PS: Choppy, Directionless and Strident

There are some books that I have seen frequently in book stores over the years that I know I will never read. Dianetics is one such book. I have no particular reason to read or not to read these books, but if I’m honest about it, I know that I’m not ever going to read […]

The Pirate Party’s Gary Hart Moment

I highly recommend Andrew Orlowski’s article about his encounter with the Pirate Party at In The City. If you have noticed a trend of conferences that used to be the domain of music fans becoming infiltrated by the anti-copyright crowd offering their special version of doublethink, you’re correct. But so far–no hard evidence that money […]

France protects creators with graduated response

It should come as no surprise that a country that calls Google Books “cultural rape” is the first country to pass a comprehensive graduated response regime, currently called HADOPI that we’ve been following for quite a while. HADOPI 2 which was opposed by a group led by the French Socialist Party was approved by Les […]


When I was a first year law student, I accompanied a crusty litigation partner to an interview with a client. In discussing my preparation for the interview in the car on the way to our meeting , I called the partner’s attention to a discrepancy I had found in our client’s statements and the documentary […]