Rogers Communications and Human Rights

Rogers Communications has made plenty of money from the music business. Like many ISPs it had to decide whether to cross the piracy Rubicon. Was it going to stay on the right side with creators and work on sustainable innovation or cross over to the wrong side with Google and many others and pursue false […]

Authors Stand Up Against Piracy

I heard a leading novelist asked where he got the ideas for his books. He said that he kept a journal and wrote down every detail of his life. He’d keep a very precise account of what he did every day and what he thought every day and then one day he began to lie. […]

ACTA Misreporting: Anatomy of a Smear

Managing the blogosphere is hard work. The very well funded Michael Geist recently showed up in an MSM tech blog going on about his currently favorite moral panic—so to speak–the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreements (or “ACTA”). One can’t help noticing that there has been a blister pop of activity trashing ACTA by the anti-creator labor crowd, […]

100,000 Voters Who Don’t Exist

There is an apocryphal quotation attributed to GEN William Tecumseh Sherman that is instructive. When asked why he would not run for President, GEN Sherman reportedly said, “I will not entrust my good name to 100,000 people I have never met.” So it is in public life. But in the digital constituency, you not only […]

Great News Sultan, Pt. 2

“What’s to stop students from paying for one month and downloading the whole collection? ‘Nothing,’ said Mr. Griffin….’Our gut tell us that the right model is flat fee, unlimited use.’” Another Choruss sighting in the Chronicle of Higher Education (with a lovely picture of Peter Jenner and Jim Griffin courtesy of the Future of Music […]