Canadian, German and New Zealand Authors Oppose Google Book Settlement: The Smartest Guys in the Room Can’t Handle the Truth–AGAIN

In the latest round of Google’s “make me” litigation strategy, the biggest bully in the schoolyard is confronted by yet another group of angry authors opposed to Google’s wholesale landgrab of the works of civilization. The objection to the Google Books Settlement filed on 1/28 by Canadian authors (although not yet in the docket as […]

UK MP Ed Vaizey emphasizes arts education

An excellent speech by UK MP Ed Vaizey “We remember the sheer joy a good cultural education can bring. Learning how to create and enjoy art for art’s sake, if you will. I believe this is a vital part of growing into a happy, functional citizen in adult life. In a world where we’re going […]

The Geist in the Machine

Every now and then you run across some bizarre information, something that is inexplicable on its own terms and clearly must require yet more information in order to be understood. The piece of information that makes you ask what possible explanation can there be for the particular set of facts. So it is with Lawbytes, […]