The Register: Google Buzz Settlement Pays “organizations that are currently paid by [Defendant Google] to lobby for or to consult for the company”.

The Register has a great article about a recent Google debacle, the Google Buzz class action settlement (see also Robert Levine’s piece in Bloomberg, “Google’s Spreading Tentacles of Infuence” and also see Music Rights Now to send a letter to your Members of Congress).  The article notes that the Google settlement involved “cy pres” payments to “independent” groups […]

Little Piggies, Part 2: Why did Google bury

As MTP readers will know, Sirius XM is in the middle of a land grab, what one might call reverse “payola”–Sirius wants to gut SoundExchange and subvert artist rights by a not so implied threat of no airplay if independent artists or independent labels don’t give them a direct deal.  Meaning that the artist’s share of webcasting […]

Arts+Labs Coalition Statement on Introduction of Stop Online Piracy Act

An example of optimistic cooperation between technology companies and creators, Arts+Labs is a coalition comprised of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers,  AT&T, Broadcast Music, Inc., Cisco, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Songwriters  Guild of America, Verizon and Viacom.  Arts+Labs released this statement on rogue sites legislation: The introduction in the House of  Representatives of legislation […]

The MTP Interview: Indie Film Makers Jason Stall and Topper McDaniel on Producing Indie Films in the Age of Google and Rogue Sites Legislation

This is an excerpt from the MTP Monthly Interview with Jason Stall and Topper McDaniel about producing independent films.  Sign up for a free subscription and request the complete interview! MTP: Tell us a little about your background as a film producer, what films have you produced and did you finance all of them outside the […]

Good News:

We don’t often visit trade association websites because most of them are deadly dull, bonechillingly boring and generally not the places you’d go online except to see if Anonymous had taken them down again. is a striking 180 from the typical. First of all, the site is focused on Canadian artists.  The first thing […]